How do I know what size I am?

It's important to get your ring size correct when ordering an AMBRY piece. Check out the sizing chart below for more information.


How should I take care of my AMBRY piece?

AMBRY jewellery is handmade with care from precious metals including solid Gold and Sterling Silver and some are set with semi-precious and precious stones. 

The metals and stones used are durable but not indestructible and need specific care to ensure they last you a lifetime. Following the guidance below should ensure you'll be passing down your loved pieces in the future.


Precious metal and gemstone care information

We recommend that you regularly wipe your fine jewellery with a gold or silver polishing cloth.

Most metal and stone jewellery can be washed gently in lukewarm water with mild detergent. Dry thoroughly after washing with a soft cloth. It is best not to wash jewellery which has pearl, turquoise or coral.

It's always best to avoid wearing your AMBRY pieces when gardening, exercising, swimming or doing manual labour with your hands. Precious metals or stones may be scratched, chipped or bent out of shape when force is applied.

Please take care to ensure delicate claw settings are not caught on clothing or loose threads as they can snap which may allow gemstones to displace. Whilst AMRY jewellery is made to be worn everyday, please consider the activity you're doing to reduce wear and tear.

Jewellery can also be damaged or become tarnished through contact with chemicals found in many household cleaners, cosmetics, perfumes and hair care products. We recommend removing your jewellery when cleaning the house, showering or putting on makeup.

Chains are delicate and require special care to avoid damage. Do not pull on the chain as this may cause the links to break. Take care when wearing chains with textured fabrics to avoid snagging. Store chains carefully to avoid them becoming tangled. We also advise to remove chains when going to bed as this can break them.


General Care 

Keep all of your AMBRY jewellery in a safe, dry place, preferably flat and always out of direct light and away from moisture and extreme heat.

If you have any queries about how to look after your AMBRY piece, please email us at amy.ambry@gmail.com


How long will my jewellery take to arrive?

Custom Jewellery

Custom jewellery is made bespoke to you, the time to produce and ship will vary dependent on the stone selection, time taken to design etc.  When you engage AMBRY for a custom piece we will discuss timelines at the beginning of the journey so you'll know what to expect.


All other jewellery

For all other AMBRY designs you can expect to receive your jewellery within 4-6 weeks from date of purchase.


Terms & Conditions


AMBRY does not offer refunds for change of mind or exchanges on our custom jewellery. Refunds will only be issued for items that have been assessed by our team and deemed faulty or where required by law.

On all other collections, if you change your mind or the item doesn't fit as expected we will offer a credit note to the same value as the original purchase.


Manufacturing Faults

AMBRY jewellery is made to an extremely high standard. Any manufacturing faults will be be repaired at no cost within 3 months of the purchase date. Repairs after this date may incur a fee.

Manufacturing faults do not include general wear and tear; broken chains, misshaped bands, bent claws, snapped settings or chipped, cracked or missing gem stones.

If you have an item which you believe to be faulty please contact us via amy.ambry@gmail.com



Sometimes accidents happen.  If you have a broken or damaged AMBRY piece you wish to have repaired please contact us at amy.ambry@gmail.com. Please attach a photo to assist us assess your repair and provide you with quote.

Please ensure you read our care information guidance above in the FAQs to appropriately care for your jewellery.


Liability Policy

AMBRY will not accept any responsibility for items lost, stolen or damaged in transit unless the customer has selected and paid for insurance on shipping. Free standard shipping as provided by AMBRY does not include insurance. Australia Post will not reimburse customers for any loss in delivery unless insurance has been purchased.

AMBRY will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, special incidental or consequential damages or injuries arising from use of any items bought from this site (whether intact or damaged).

Our pieces can be sharp or harmful if swallowed. We take special care to ensure we make and deliver quality pieces. However, if an item does break it may increase the current risk of choking hazard or other injury. AMBRY jewellery is not designed to be worn by children.


Purchase Agreement

Your purchase confirms that you have been provided with appropriate care information to look after your AMBRY piece. With your purchase, you agree to AMBRY's Terms & Conditions regarding returns, exchanges, shipping and repairs. If this item was purchased as a gift, we encourage the recipient to read our care information in the FAQ above.